"Children learn from first hand experiences and Play"
"Children learn from first hand experiences and Play"

Our Menus

Annies nursery have a dedicated chef who cooks home made meals each day.The menus are designed to ensure that the children receive their recommended 5 a day and cater for any dietary requirements. Please feel free to have a look at our menu's below. 

we use setting the table guidelines 

Alternative versions are also on offer depending on age and dietary requirements.


Our chef has created these menus taking into account the children's views. They have worked together, through activities such as food tasting and feedback, to include the snacks and meals that the children enjoy eating.


Milk and water are served at lunches and snack.



Summer Menu's 2017
Summer Menus 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [229.1 KB]

Daily Routine


Both Rooms follow a free choice/children's choice routine. Both rooms provide indoor outdoor play options in all weathers. we explore our local community and the facilities we have around us such as the woods and play parks and also the local community centre  We are promoting loose parts play and the children are enjoying this both in and outdoors.

what is loose parts play- see below.


Breakfast is served from 7am - 8.15am

Am Snack is served at 9.30am

Lunch is served at 11.30am

Pm Snack is served at 3.30pm 

Tea is served at 4.45pm (An extra cost of £1.50 is added to fee's if your child requires tea)


These times are just a rough idea, they may vary depending on the children's routine.


loose parts play

Loose parts aren’t prescriptive and offer limitless possibilities. A stick, for example, may become a fishing rod near real or imaginary water, a spurtle in a mud kitchen, a tool to nudge a football that is stuck in a tree; it can be thrown, floated, snapped, pinged, bent, hidden, added to a pile, burnt, tied to something else, split, catapulted or discarded. Static, unchanging play spaces do little for children whereas environments which can be manipulated, where things move and can be moved open worlds of possibility. At a beach, for example, there is an abundance of water, sand, stones, rocks, smells, sights, vistas and textures which enable children to be highly inventive and creative in their play. 



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