"Children are the world's most valuable resource and our hope for the future."
"Children are the world's most valuable resource and our hope for the future."

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We believe that first and foremost the child should be at the centre of all we do. Our role is to ensure they are challenged, encouraged and, praised not just for reaching their goals, but for the journey they take in getting there, building confidence and resilience in each step they take. We take a holsitic approach to learning, placing emphasis on the child's health and well-being alongside their educational development. Children are unique, special little people who learn in a variety of ways. Each deserves time, patience and support to ensure they become the best that they can be. Giving children a voice and a choice builds self-esteem.

We feel strongly about building these skills along with independence to enable them to become confident learners. Children learn through first-hand experiences and these experiences are what makes play interesting and informative.

We also feel strongly about the items we give them, Plastic toys have certainly got their place, but are very one dimensional. Whereas Loose parts/Open-ended resources open a huge world of imagination, discovery and thinking skills. Give children wood, a sheet, pegs and watch them turn it into a fantastic den. Through this, they learn about concepts, sizes, safety, teamwork, language development and well the list is endless. We also believe in giving the children real life resources, which allows them to develop their learning, incorporating real life experiences. A child with real china in the house corner, will display responsibility and safety.

Counting and writing at a table is not a constructive way for children to learn, but counting steps outdoors, writing their names in the sand, counting stones, shells and other natural materials during play is a far more fun way of doing things.


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