The Butterfly room have recently taken a trip to the local fire station to learn about what the fire service can provide us with and how they help the local and wider commuinty. The children got the chnace to learn about the equipment fire fighters use, dress up in fire uniform, climb on board the truck and use the fire hose to spray water like the real life fire fighters. 

Inside nursery the children have been developing their role play skills as we have created new role play areas indoors and outdoors. Indoors the children have a new 'Shop' Role play experience. The boys and girls can develop their imaginative characters whilst mimicking shop / sales assistants, customers, and cashiers. Role play shopping allows the children an opportunity to develop their numeracy skills as they look at money and the value of wholesale goods. Within the role play experiences they have access to role play pennies which creates a realistic ply experience. Outdoors we were very kindly donated a dishwasher and cooker which we used to create a role play Cafe / kitche. W epllaced this alongside the mud kicth hwere the children can use the resoucres for mud play or a more relastic role play.  Within the area the children have free use of the kitchen and dishwasher which are full safe for use with all electrics being cut off, pots, pans, measuring jugs, utensils, cooking books and some fruits and vegetables. The children have free access to water and can learn the basic skill of preparing and cooking foods. The children were also developing their hand muscle strengths and Movement as they learn to cut, chop, peel and mash up the fruits and vegetables. The recipe books and measure jugs also allow for numeracy and literacy development and promoting early understanding of letters and numbers.


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