Aims and Objectives for Annie's Nursery

Aims, Objectives and Vision



Our vision is:

 Together we will provide a holistic, child led learning environment, to nurture, stimulate, and challenge each individual child. Our focus is on learning through play, and supporting children to develop confidence, resilience, good self-esteem and positive relationships.”


Our aims are:

 1 To treat every child as an individual, use a child centred approach to their learning, allowing them to take the lead.


2 To recognise the importance of the value of parent input, encourage parents to participate in their child’s nursery life.


3 Make the most of the outdoor environment and promote a free-flow learning experience for the children.


4 To offer equal opportunities to all children and staff.


5 To promote an ethos of teamwork in the nursery, between both staff and the children.


6 To learn through play and first-hand experiences, offering the children free choice, and the opportunity to explore and experiment.


Our objectives are:

 1 To recognise and value children’s strengths, interests, and learning styles, so that they develop confidence, independence, and high self-esteem.


2 To continuously take part in self-evaluation to develop our practice, and the standard of care, and learning we give the children.


3 To understand, work within, and use all legislation, and guidance, to embed within our practice, the environment, and the experiences we offer.


4 To observe, assess and provide appropriate and engaging next steps to challenge the individual child’s development and knowledge.




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