"Children learn from first hand experiences and Play"
"Children learn from first hand experiences and Play"

Aims and Objectives for Annie's Nursery

Policies and procdedures
Our Policies and Procedures for Annies nursery
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Our mission statement      

We owe every child who walks through our doors a chance to be cared for in a homely, nurturing environment where they are encouraged to be the best they can be both academically and personally.’

Our aims are:

1.    Treat children as individuals and cater for their all-round development needs to ensure that they reach their full potential.

2.    To recognise the value of parents input and encourage them to share in their children’s learning.

3.    Appreciate and enjoy the outdoor environment for continuous learning

4.    Offer equal opportunities for all children and staff.

5.    To promote an ethos of trust and team work in the nursery

6.    To enable all children to learn and develop their skills to the best of their ability.

7.    To ensure effective communication skills are in practice throughout the organisation

8.    Offer children the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences that will enhance their skills and knowledge.

9.    To learn through play and through first hand experiences

10.  To safeguard and protect every child in our care to our utmost abilities.

Our objectives are:

1.    Recognise and value children's strengths, interests and learning styles so that they develop confidence, independence and high self-esteem

2.    Provide an open-door policy, open evening and parent evenings and personal meetings, to ensure staff and parents work as a team to provide the best learning journey for their child.

  1. To continuously look at our strengths and areas we need to improve through self-evaluation and reflection in order for us to continually provide higher standards of care and learning and to ensure all stakeholders are involved in this process.
  2. To work within the pre-birth to three curriculums, curriculum for excellence and building the ambition to provide activities that promote all areas encompassed in these. Provide activities and guidance in the four capacities promoting responsible citizens, confident individuals, effective contributors and successful learners.

5.    To continually improve staff team skills and knowledge through research, in house, out of house training and managers support.

6.    To ensure quality assurance systems are in place throughout the nursery and everyone is involved in these.

7.    To understand and work within all legislation and guidance from the care inspectorate, Scottish government and other governing bodies

8.    Observe, assess and provide appropriate and interesting next steps that challenge individuals

Our vision is:


‘Together we will nurture, stimulate and challenge each child in order to lay strong foundations on which to build their future learning.’



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