What's Happening in the Butterfly room



The current topic in the Buterfly room is the jumgle. This was identified as a topic as the children sparked converstaion at group time about different jungle animals. They have created a mind map, detailing what they would like to learn about. During topic learning, there will be a activity each day related to the topic. So far they have been lerning about snakes. Did you know that snakes scales are the same material as your fingernails? Children retained information such as "their tongues look like forks" and "they have a skeleton."


In the moment planning also happens daily.  So far the children have experimented with colour mixing. Using thier problem solving skills and numeracy skills to investigate volume and colour, as they mixed paints to create diferent colours.

We had a fire drill which sparked lots of converstaion about how to be safe in a fire drill, and what we should do in a fire drill. The children created their own risk assessment. This helped them to identify risks and safe guarding measures. The children provided informations such as "you have to outside" and "the alarm means danger."

We have a new sofa in the Butterfly room. The children love sitting together to look at the books. During group time, they take turn sitting next to the staff and being a helper. This simple task strengthens bonds between staff and the children, as well as giving tehm a sense of responsibility and pride. To ensure the sofa is used safely, the children created a mind map all about 'how to be safe on the sofa.'  The children said "don't jump on the sofa, you'll fall off" and "i sit nicely but Barney my dog climbs on the sofa."

Lastly our community walk focused on the first signs of spring, the children were on the hunt for the changes in season we are beginning to see.  The children concentrated really well as they looked for the first spring flowers and buds appearing. This was sparked by the children observing "the sun is out" "it's nearly summer, I love it when it's roasting hot."


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