"Children are the world's most valuable resource and our hope for the future."
"Children are the world's most valuable resource and our hope for the future."

What's Happening in the Butterfly team

The staff team in the butterfly room are developing their loose parts play both indoors and outdoors. Children are outdoors everyday whether this be in our large garden or visitng the local Insch meadows where learning can cover all areas and the woods are full of open ended resources. Laughter and fun can be heard each day as the children create, imagine, work together, discuss, estimate, think and of course all this done through play. 


Everything in the Butterfly room is child led. The staff harness their interests and extend their knowledge and learning based on what they already know. The children in the Butterfly room are supported by staf to be as independent as possible. They self serve snack and lunch, set the tables, help themselves to drinking water and look after their personal belongings.


The children in the Butterfly room have free access to all resources. To make sure this is done safely, the children have risk assessments for everything, from the scissors to the loose parts. This allows the children to experience responsibility and, encourages them to respect the resources in the setting.

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