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Throughout the course of July, the Butterfly Room boys and girls have researched, learned about, and covered many different topics / interests, this has included…

Frogs / Mini-beats – Due to the delightfully sunny weather the Butterfly Room boys and girl have been fortunate enough to have spent most of the month of July outdoors and enjoying time to play in both the upstairs and downstairs gardens. One of the most popular games and ways in which the children spend their time outdoors is looking for bugs., critters and various mini beasts. We have been lucky to find various frogs over the previous few weeks, this has led the children on to want to learn and find out more information about frogs. Over the course of the month, we have learned how to look after frogs, the various types of frogs, the life cycle of frogs and what habitat frogs tend to be found in and would mostly like need to survive in.  Whilst learning about the frogs the children also wanted to learn about various other mini beats such as bumble bees, worms, slaters, butterflies, snails / slugs and many more creatures we have found within the garden.

(health and wellbeing, science, technologies, mathematics & numeracy)

People Who Help Us – During the second week of July we spent time looking at the various services in which we ca use and can be provide to us within our local town and surrounding areas. This included looking at what shops and local food services provide ( including the process of milk from cows, to farm factories, shops and then into our homes), the police service and how they “keep us safe”, the fire service which can help us “ put out fires and saves lives “, the ambulance service / doctors / nurses and NHS who “help make us feel better and fix our sore bits” and various other services such as postal workers, train / bus / taxi drivers and teachers.  Whilst learning about each of the different services and what they provide we used our technologies to research each service and enjoyed various crafts, activities, games, and stories which involved the local services.

(Social subjects, health and wellbeing, numeracy, literacy, expressive arts, technologies, science)

Camping – The boys and girls also enjoyed a day learning about camping where we discussed what we need when we go camping, how to stay safe when camping, and we learned about campfire and keeping safe around campfires. Throughout our day of camping fun, we also had the chance to assemble a tent and spent the afternoon role playing that we were away on our very own camping trip and making delicious s’mores as a sticky, tasty teat.

(health & wellbeing, expressive arts, religious and moral, social studies)

Outdoors – The Butterfly Room children have been making the most of the weather by enjoying loads of outdoor play and learning. Throughout the sunny days we spent time enjoy various water plays including making a super fun slip and slide in the garden and enjoying the social experience playing with their friends in the water.

During the week of the 26th of July, the butterfly room had their very own sports week, throughout the course of the week we developed many areas of our physical abilities in numerous ways. The children enjoyed a different sporting game each day which included the egg and spoon race, various parachute games, ring toss, sack race, football dribbling / scoring games, stilt walking, the buggy race, and the three-legged race.  Overall, the children all seemed to have a ball during sports week, and all showed fantastic team working skills as they worked together during team games, cheered each other on and took turns / waited patiently for their chance to play in each of the sporting games.

(health & wellbeing, social studies, scienced, religious and moral education.)



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