What's Happening in the Butterfly room

Butterfly Room

In the Butterfly room, it has been a goal to move to using ‘planning in the moment’ all the time. The children have naturally progressed to this this month and it has been a great success.

The children wanted to learn about dinosaur teeth. They covered technologies, using the internet to research all about the dinosaur’s teeth. They retained information well, telling staff “14 bones in the jawbone,” and “use the big teeth at the front for fighting.”

Over the course of several days the children investigated ‘life in Antarctica.’ This interest was sparked by the snow outside, which led to the children talking about penguins with staff. They researched animals that live in Antarctica, read a story about a lost penguin and explored the snow and ice.

The boys and girls went on the annual outing to the pond in the Meadows to observe the tadpoles. This led to them learning about the life cycle of the frog. The children cut out the pictures in the life cycle and glued them down into the correct stages.

With the very changeable weather, this has not gone unnoticed by the boys and girls. They have been exploring different types of weather. They communicated what they already knew, telling staff “the sun moves,” “the sun melts the snow,” and “the clouds go pink.” They took part in a weather matching game, where they matched the picture to the weather description, they created rainbow handprint pictures which are now on a wall display, and they coloured and cut out weather pictures.

The boys and girls have been out in the community, exploring the village. Favourites have been having snack in the meadows, and train spotting at the station.

As the room is busier, in the coming weeks you will be issued with our outdoor learning rota. Children will attend the Meadows in groups of 6 for outdoor learning.





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