Children Playing Exploring Within the Local Meadows 


Breakfast is served from 7am - 8.15am Am Snack starts at 10am and is a rolling snack in the Butterfly room Lunch is served at 12pm Pm Snack starts around 3.00pm Tea is served at 4.45pm (An extra cost of £2.00 per meal is added to fee's if your child requires tea). These times are just a rough idea, they may vary depending on the children's routine. 

Room Routines and Learning Styles 


Both Rooms follow a child led routine. Both rooms provide indoor and outdoor play options in all weathers. We explore our local community and the facilities we have around us such as the woods and play parks and also the local community centre  We are promoting loose parts play and the children are enjoying this both in and outdoors. 



We use and follow responsive planning which allows us to create experiences to offer the children where are centred around the children's interests and learning at all times. This also allows us to use and further facilitate learning to the correct learning style of the children rather than whole class learning which may not suit each child's learning styles, preferences and development stages. 


Within our outdoor learning expeicnes we allow the children to explore and play within the local meadows. This allows the children to learn about the natural enviroment in which they are playing and learning within. Whilst visiting the meadows the children are enouraged to use their problem solving skills and find natural resocures to encoruporate within thier play rather than taking man made resoures out into the natural enviroments. Exploring the local community and woodlands now only allows the childrens knowledge on local services and the wildlife, it allows them to further learn how to self risk assess. The children complete and take part in creating risk assessments when heading out wihtin the nursery grounds and expericnes various aspects of rsk assesing when within the community. We strive to ensrue the children are safe at all times and this allows them to furhter develop thier safety knowledge and ensure they feel safe and secruee whilst exploring, learning and enjoying new experinces. 

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