Take a look around our new Caterpillar Room Environment - 

The children in the Caterpillar have been enjoying their new room lay out.The children now have a larger more spacious home corner where they were able use real life pots and pans to role play cooking, dress up and enjoy looking after the role play babies as they role play mums and dads. The construction area now holds a larger tool bench where the children are using their physical and cognitive skills to use various wooden tools. The boys and girls also have opportunities to look at the technologies of learning as they have access to foam construction blocks, wooden blocks, medium sized Lego and loose part planks, pipes and open-ended resources. At the other side is the childrens cosier area's where they can snuggle down and look at the different books, sensory items and take time to relax and have quiet time. Here they enjoy extra nurturing and comfort when required and have access to emotion toys to begin looking at the emotions and how they can make us feel. The children also have a sensory area where they have various colours, textures, lights, scented resources, and resources which create different sounds. This area the younger within the children really thrive within and love playing with the wooden open-ended resources for various stimulation. In the middle of the room is the childrens access to the table for puzzles, mark making, games and meal / snack times. They also have their sand / water and messy tray which changes each day to suit the children’s interests. Within the Caterpillar room the children have access to their front garden and their play veranda which holds various resources at all times throughout the day. The Caterpillar room is et to allow the children to move resources confidently and easily from one place in the room to another. This supports the children who learn through methods of schemas such as transporting, trajectory, rotations, and enveloping. Allow for child lead learning and various different styles of learning.

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