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I would firstly like to thank all of our parents for the support and well wishes over the past weeks throughout the change of manager period. I would also like to thank you all for your patience during this time as we got reorganised and settled into the changes of staffing and roles. We are very pleased to let you know that Rebecca Stronach will be replacing myself as the Senior Practitioner within the Butterfly room. Rebecca has completed her modern apprenticeship with Aberdeenshire schools whilst working within Alford school nursery gaining her qualifications in childcare throughout her apprenticeship. We are super excited to welcome Rebecca to the team as she has an extensive knowledge on child protection, the learning frameworks, carrying out and providing high quality learning experiences and helping us along our improvement journey. Rebecca will be starting on the 14th of July once she has completed her final school term. During this time Hayley Whalen will be ensuring the Butterfly room runs smoothly working as Assistant Lead within the room and I will continue to carry out any paperwork until Rebecca begins her role and settles in.

Within the Caterpillar room we welcomed Kyrene (Kyi) to the team as Support Worker. Kyrene has joined the team to cover the busier days and currently is working on Mondays from 8am-5pm, Thursday and Friday Afternoons. Kyrene has recently moved to Insch with her partner and their children and is a great fit for the team already introducing herself to parents and building relationships with the parents, children, and staff throughout the whole building. We have also been adding some Relief Support Workers to our team as we begin preparing the busy month ahead and the school holidays. You will continue to see the familiar faces of Julie, Lucy, Hannah, Emma, and Eleanor though out the next few months. We have also gained Heather to the relief

Team. Heather is super bubbly and is enjoying spending time getting to know the children and staff within the setting. Heather will mostly be working 9am-3pm as she too has children at Insch school, allowing school hours fit perfectly into her weekly routine.

The staff within both rooms recently went on Planning Training to help build our knowledge on the best ways to plan for your little ones leaning and development. Planning was an area of development for us highlighted within our latest Care Inspectorate report which we have been working hard to improve and develop. Taking part in the training has allowed each member of staff to gain a new knowledge and understanding of how the planning works and why is important. Hayley Whalen and I also took part in a ‘Family Nurture and Engagement’ course, this course developed our knowledge on the best ways to support you as families within the setting and how to better our parent involvement in various ways.

Annie’s News


This Friday we are having our Afternoon Tea Party to celebrate the Queens Jubilee and her 70 years of service. We are extremely thankful for how many of you have taken the time to attend the tea party and be involved alongside your children. The children have all worked really hard on baking the fancy pieces, scones etc as well as helping to make some decorations to bring the party together. We hope you enjoy your afternoon tea and would love to hear any feedback.

On Thursday the 9th of June the Butterfly Children will be taking a trip around to the fire station, which we are all very excited about. The children will get the chance to go around the fire station, talk to the fire fighters, take a seat on board the engine and use the fire fighters’ hose too put out a pretend fire. We know the children all love learning about any of the emergency services so we think this will be great experience for the children and help them further understand what the fire service can do to help us and the important role they play in the community.

Over the last week of May and the first week of June the staff within both rooms have been busy preparing and writing reports. Every year you are given a yearly report to show how your children is developing and insight to their favourite ways of learning and preferred experiences at nursery. During your report your final summary will explain what we hope to work on with your child within the next few months and how your child’s Key Workers plans to facilitate this learning journey. All reports will be issued out from Friday the 10th of June. Once you have been given a report, we would ask you please to take the report home read through your child’s report, before giving it back to us. Once returned you will be given your own report home to keep.

We will also be welcoming you into the building for a informal parents evening chat with your child’s key worker and room staff whilst allowing you time to take a look around the play rooms without the rush of pick up and drop off time. This is a fantastic time for you to ask any questions you may have or to ask about transitions for those heading off to school or beginning to transition from the Caterpillar room to the Butterfly room. For any parents whose child is beginning to get ready to transition into the preschool room please free to use this time to take a look around their soon to be playroom, chat to the staff and begin familiarising yourself before the transition begins. Parents Evening will be held on the Tuesday the 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of June.

A reminder to all Pre-School parents that graduation is being held on Friday the 24th of June at 4:15pm in the St. Drostans Church. We would love to see all of the children at the hall at 3:45pm for a quick practice before we celebrate their achievements as they get ready to begin school in August.

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