What's Happening in The Caterpillar Room



The Caterpillar room boys and girls began a topic learning about Spring.  This topic was identified as a interest as the boys and girls noticed the changes happening to the environment around them. On community walks they pointed to and wanted to investigate flowers. At nursery they were fasinated by the growing herbs and sprouts appearing from last years planting. 

The boys and girls have taken part in finger paining blossom trees, making bumble bees, painting lambs, exploring spring animal noises,  and investigating petals through sensory play opportunties. 


As well as topic leanrning the staff are responsive to the play and interests the children show daily. Through responsive learning the children have been developing their role play skills, having 'afternoon tea' with each other, Outdoors they have been exploring 'risky play' climbing tree stumps and taking part in obstacle courses.


The Caterpillar room staff provide a lot of activites to develop gross and fine motor skills. This month they have been using a variety of resources and utensils to explore mark making. Everthing from twanging elastic bands to splatter paint to using crayons for tree rubbing has been done. 


To explore their wider world and the celebrations that happen, the Caterpillar room have covered Mothers day and St Patrick day. For Mothers day the created cards and gifts, we hope you all enjoyed them as much as the children enjoyed making them. For St Patrick day the children were learning about leprechauns and made their own leprechaun pictures.


The change in weather means that the children are spending increasing amounts of time outdoors, on walks, using the front garden or the veranda. The children are enjoying navigating the slide and particularly are interested in different ball games with staff. They have explored bubbles, water play and the music making wall.


If you have any learning experiences or topics you would like covered, please let Lisa and her team know.

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