What's Happening in The Caterpillar Room

Caterpillar Room

In June the boys and girls have been developing their interest in insects. They have taken part in bug hunts, both in the gardens and in the Meadows as part of their community outings. We used the magnifying glasses to help us see, the children enjoyed exploring with the magnifying glasses, and staff observed them concentrating hard to find the bugs. To care for the environment, we have been planting flowers and plants to attract insects to our gardens. We created a mini beast wall display, making spiders, butterflies, and bumble bees to name a few. We have taken part in lots of bug messy play activities, finding bugs in the sand and the foam. We have been practising using the large tweezers to pick them up.

Together we continue to build on our sharing skills and ability to be kind to each other. The older children are learning responsibility as they help to be gentle with the younger members of the class.

We are practicing Makaton every day, and now when we do our ‘hello song’ in the mornings, some of the children are copying the signs. The staff are committed to integrating Makaton into daily practice. Look out on the ILD for updates about your child’s Makaton progress.

To continue with our integration of French, we have been learning the song ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in French. The children have been thoroughly enjoying this!

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