"Children are the world's most valuable resource and our hope for the future."
"Children are the world's most valuable resource and our hope for the future."



Welcome to the Caterpillar's page. 

We understand that babies are inquisitive, observing everything around them and learning how to let you know what they’re thinking and feeling through body movement and facial expressions as well as grasping that difficult task of hand eye co-ordination. even at this very young age, we are introducing early numeracy and literacy which are all age and stage appropriate. 

As well as a nurturing dedicated baby team on hand to give lots of cuddles and conversation our babies have the right resources for them including lots of different texture play toys,  We have  a sleepy room and a comfy rest place as well as an abundance of rugs and specially designed areas where babies can explore, roll around and get to grips with becoming mobile.

Babies and toddlers are encouraged to learn by using their senses, exploring the world around them through a range of activities, in a safe and secure environment with familiar, friendly faces. Activities include singing, story time, messy and outdoor play, which allow the children to explore independently and develop their confidence. we have lots of Heuristic play and loose parts to encourage cognitive skills and imaginative skills. 

Our childcare team will work with you to ensure we follow your child’s routine to help everyone settle into nursery life. We also keep daily records of your child’s sleep and feeds. we always work in partnership with parents to ensure we are getting it right for our youngest children. 



What's Happening in The Caterpillar Room..

We capture children in a magical way, offering a homely feel where children can feel safe, loved and secure. we offer so many different experiences which support children's learning and development. Building fine and gross motor skills, hand to eye co-ordination which is all the begining of developing fingers and arms for writing. lots of sensory and messy play experiences, outdoors each day, literacy and numeracy building through play, songs and stories. Water play, sand play and playdough. We are able to shut some sections off in the room to allow for little ones to get some peaceful time and some bigger ones to get some more challenging activities. 

Our Outdoor Area

Our revamped Veranda area now includes a new sand/water play tray, mark making area, numeracy area and a music wall. Our veranda area offers the children a safe space to explore the outdoors and, allows them to use their independence, choosing where to play.


We also have our own garden out the front, we have a swing, slide and loose parts to explore. We are currently developing this area for the children.


The Caterpillar room also has access to the big garden at the back whenever they choose. Here they can explore with the older children if they choose. We have a mud kitchen, vegetable patches, loose parts and, a range of climbing and exploring opportunities.

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